Valuable Capital Investment



Our team of experts at VCI transforms the complexity of real estate development into an art form. We have the expertise and resources to manage a project to fruition, on time, under budget and cost-effectively.

Effective use of available land

Public policy, process, and approvals

Supervisory skills needed through all phases

Financial calculations and business considerations

A Full-service Development Firm

We collaborate with clients to customize the precise scope of services needed, including financing, in-house architecture and design, construction, ownership representative, and property management. Some projects may require only components of our services, such as pre-development activities or construction management.

Your Partnership Advantage

We have the privilege of having more than 100 partnerships with property owners, many of whom have developed multiple projects with us. VCI has effective, long-term relationships with municipal agencies throughout California, and has been invited to participate in public/private partnerships on multiple occasions.