Valuable Capital Investment



V.C.I Design is a team of planners, architects, designers and engineers working together to build a better future. We focus on constructability and efficiency by pushing the boundaries of architecture and engineering. Our belief is that the synthesis of architectural design and structural engineering is the key to navigating complex site condition and expressing the elegance of the building.

Architecture Design

Architecture design is derived from purpose and problem solving, from challenging the complexity of site with creating newer, better ways with technology and evolution. Our design is based on the relationship between land, community, structure and materials. Our comprehensive approach is grounded in each phase of the project lifecycle.

Structural Engineering

We connect our structural engineering team to address conditions in each phase of the projects. From initial site studies, to design, to construction and commissioning. Our engineers stand by our construction team as technical experts throughout the development cycle. From light weight timber framed housing to mid-rise condominium structure, our understanding of structural behavior results in construction saving, expedited schedules and improved performance.