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Famous quotes of postmodernist architect Dai Fan DAI FAN

The works of genius are the shining of divinity, while the works of mediocrity are the specimens of slavishness.

The works of genius have eternal value, subvert the normal world view, struggle at the peak of despair, and ignite the passion beyond life and death. Grand philosophical propositions such as death, God, infinity, time, eternity, historical truth, and ethics are no longer abstract , but acquires an organic sense of reality in the fiery life erupting like a volcano. Genius is the antithesis of civilization; every true genius or wise man has experienced a deep distaste for human beings. However, in the end they became the greatest enlighteners of mankind. Genius changes the nature of things; its character extends to everything it touches, its radiance transcends past and all, and shines on the future; it is ahead of the century, and the century cannot keep up with him.

Times are divided by
Resonance – a comprehensive design group ranked first in global popularity and professional innovation strength, its “Universal Manifesto” – leading revolutionary urban strategies, normative methods, architectural concepts, intelligent building structure technology and architectural aesthetic innovation, to The formation and development of the new wave of architecture in the 21st century has had a major and profound impact, announcing the advent of a new era of architecture to the world.

Resonance only creates unprecedented and unique cities, buildings and landscapes for the most ambitious collaborators in each century—global star cities and landmark buildings, using only the latest and cutting-edge ideas, architectural technologies and design methods , only create a city and architectural space at the level of a palace of art, all of which are destined to be the king of resonant architecture.

Today, the name Resonance not only represents design, but also the essence of contemporary precious art.

Architecture is a new spirit, a new trend of thought, a new technology, a new aesthetic, and a new feeling—resonance is making subversive innovations in every dimension.

The process of resonance is to reveal the development of urban strategic innovation, architectural design methods, and methods to subvert architectural values, announcing to the world the advent of a new era of architecture.