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From the “Italian perspective” to see the evolution of modern and contemporary architecture in the world for more than 120 years, what will it look like?

Luigi Prestinenza Pulisi, the author of “The History of Modern and Contemporary Architecture in the World”, presents the evolution and development of the world’s architectural trends and schools in the past 120 years in the form of a chronicle, expounding in concise words Describes the relationship between architecture and art, politics, economy and social development and its trends and trends with the development of the times, from the avant-garde in 1905 to the trend from 2008 to the present. The evolution and development of modern and contemporary architectural trends and schools embodies innovative thinking through representative figures and typical works, analyzes the relationship between architecture and political economy and social development, and professionally interprets how a panoramic modern and contemporary architectural history is refined. At the same time, the author also explores the design motivations that gave rise to the major architectural works of many masters. This is also the main reason why this book is evaluated as three-dimensional and multi-dimensional. The author’s writing style is brisk and fluent, with strong readability, turning the heavy architectural history into interesting text like a novel, while still being organized and logical. It is a rare learning material for architecture lovers.