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The 2023 BCC International Building Technology Conference will be held in Shanghai in August!

Over the next 25 years, the challenges of changing ways of living and working, demographics, and climate change will continue to force us to rethink how we collectively design the buildings of the future. What will the future of architecture and urban development look like?

In the 2023 BCC International Building Technology Conference, more than 20 principals, master architects, experts and scholars from well-known domestic and foreign architectural firms in China gathered on the scene. With the theme of architecture and urban planning in the 21st century, there will be wonderful keynote speeches from the five dimensions of urban development and public space, high-quality buildings, humanistic buildings, resilient and sustainable buildings, and intelligent public buildings, to share and communicate with them Thoughts on urban development and planning, cognition on the relationship between people and buildings, innovations on energy consumption and utilization, and cutting-edge insights on the application of intelligence.

● Theme: Architecture and Urban Planning in the 21st Century

● Time: August 3rd – August 5th, 2023

● Venue: Hall 6.2, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

● Organizers: Germany “Bauwelt” magazine, Munich Expo Group, Zoomlion Munich (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Five Topics and Guest Lineup

*Guest lineup confirmed to attend this BCC conference

2023-08-03 afternoon

Topic 1: Urban Design and Public Life

The far-reaching impact of the new crown epidemic on public life, the uncontrolled growth of the urban population, and the aging of buildings have all challenged the implementation of the concept of urbanization and urban shared space. How to achieve a better public life? How can the use of existing public space inform new ideas for urban design? Urban development and urban public space design projects shared in the form of cases will be discussed here.


Professor Li Xiangning, Professor and Dean of the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University

Speakers and sharing content:

· 14:15-14:45 Li Hu, founding partner of OPEN Architects, sharing content: “Oil Tanks in the Park”

· 14:45-15:15 Peter Chang, Asia Director of MVRDV Architects, shared content: “Future-oriented Hybrid Urbanism”

· 15:15-15:45 Ralf Dietl, Partner & Art Director of AS+P China, sharing content: “Shaping the Future of Urban Living”

· 15:45-16:15 Song Guohong, Partner of Valode & Pistre & General Manager of China, sharing content: “Large-scale public construction helps urban organic renewal and sustainable development”

2023-08-04 AM

Topic 2: From High Speed to High Quality – Architectural Design in the 21st Century

Since the 1980s, China has undergone urbanization at an unprecedented rate. At the same time, China’s economy has entered a new era of transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development. Along with this, there has been a corresponding increase in awareness of construction quality and durability. What methods, planning, and design concepts can create durable, sustainable, and reusable buildings? These issues will be discussed in this session.


Ye Yang, director of the editorial center of “World Architecture”

Speakers and sharing content:

· 10:00-10:30 Academician Wang Jianguo, professor of School of Architecture, Southeast University; director of Urban Design Research Center of Southeast University; member of World Association for Human Settlements, sharing content: “New Insights, New Trends–Digital Presentation of Human-Centered Urban Design”

· 10:30-11:00 Peng Wu, Director of Digital Design BG Research Institute of Glodon Technology Co., Ltd., shared content: “Digital Intelligence Drives Integrated Design–Prospect of Next Generation Design Platform”

· 11:15-11:45 Lin Jing, Senior Project Architect/Senior Assistant Director of Danish SHL Architects, shared content: “Nordic Context-Human-Oriented Architecture”

· 11:45-12:15 Wu Chen, Chief Architect of Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., shared content: “Urban Rejuvenation–Top-level Design and Ideal Wishes towards Urban Renewal”